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Tori is an imaginative crafter, designer, painter, seamstress, digitabulist (thimble collector), and is driven by a passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often noted for their unique style, with a fun and flirty approach. Her use of vibrant colors and cute cheerful faces give each of her creations a personality. Her style is recognizable as she has been crafting and selling her work since she was four years old.

     Tori is a self-taught artist born in the midwest. Her love of crafting was very apparent at an early age, when she  began selling painted rocks, and paper flowers to her neighbors at age 4. She merged into floating candles, bead work, quilting, party favors and anything she could get her hands on for regular paying customers at age eight. She was always working on something, doll clothes, jewelry, house decorations, and even making  a 'fur coat' for her dog with her brother's outgrown winter jacket.

    One of Tori's fondest memories was a huge box given to her at Christmas by an Aunt full of what most people (not crafters!) would have found very odd. It was brimming full of odds and ends: scraps of colored paper, little wooden spools, cardboard and plastic containers, various shaped and sized buttons, left over scraps of fabrics, sequins, pins, glues, pom poms, glitters, dozens of broken beaded necklaces with all the findings, many rhinestone pieces, craft paint, brushes, cotton balls, q-tips, marking pencils, chalk, drawing pads, and all sorts of sewing do-dads. The box was topped off with a stack of old Better Homes and Garden magazines with several 'how-to' instructions.  What a gold mine that was! The seeds of a lifetime were surely planted and fertilized the day that box was opened.

     Tori's life long dream of owning a store became reality after opening her popular Las Vegas craft store. Her store carried everything imaginable including her huge selection of hand made items and supplies for most any craft you could want or dream of. She gladly offered free instructions on how to use any crafting tool and supply available, bought in her store or not. Tori was and still is thrilled with special orders for weddings, birthdays, new babies and any other loving occasion that a special keepsake is called for.

     Years of artistic expression made it clear that Tori's life would be centered upon her passion for crafting. Tori is now a busy mom of three, still crafting, and touching the lives of so many.  She teaches seniors at several centers, and volunteers at a local elementary school, where she shares her love of crafts and watches as fresh imaginations bloom.

She has always said she "doesn't just make crafts, she makes memories for others!"




Here is a peek into my 'madness' right before the Howl-O-Ween Festival 10/26/2013.

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