Elegant Earrings

These crystal earrings will sparkle like jewels as they hang delicately from your ears. Add some bling to your outfit without breaking the bank. $15.00 per pair.

These black and irridescent earrings are naughty and nice all in one! $15.00 per pair.

These playful pink and black earrings will glisten in the light and surely gain compliments. $15.00 per pair.

Bring the relaxtion of the sea of sky home with these aqua earrings. Pair them with skinny jeans, add a pop of color to your little black dress, or use your imagination. $15.00 per pair.

The elegance of turquoise has been captured in these earrings without the price tag. Bring a little spirit to your wardrobe with these bright turquoise earrings. $15.00 per pair.

The fresh pink and crisp white in these earrings are complimentary to a spring dress, or are fun to wear if you just love pink! $15.00 per pair.

Add a touch of sunshine to any outfit with these crystal and yellow beaded earrings. $15.00 per pair.

Go green racer earrings. $15.00 per pair.

Go red racer earrings. $15.00 per pair.

Go yellow racer earrings. $15.00 per pair.

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