Inspired by Nature

These peacock feather earrings will certainly gain lots of attention. Be proud as a peacock wearing these beauties. Due to the nature of feathers, the peacock feather earrings may vary slightly from the image shown. $15.00 per pair.

These peacock body earrings are beautiful in the sunlight and mimic the colors found on a peacock: turquoise, purple, teal, and green. $15.00 per pair.

These peacock eye earrings will be the envy of your friends-- in a good way, though! $15.00 per pair

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? No need to wait for the rare miracle of nature. Get your own shooting star! $15.00 per pair.

Does this pair of earrings remind you of a wolf or dog? It can be either and it needs a new forever home! $15.00 per pair.

These blue butterfly earrings won't fly away, and you don't have to chase after tham. Keep them close without a net before they fly out of stock. $15.00 per pair.

These green butterfly earrings capture the essence of the green caterpillar and the beauty of a full grown purple and pink butterfly at the same time. $15.00 per pair.

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