Brides, Ballerinas and more

Bridal Hair Ribbon *

$6.00 each +S&H

For the darling flower girl in your life, or the little girl who dreams of becoming a beautiful bride.


Angel/Ballerina *

$6.00 each +S&H

This hair ribbon wants to twirl and dance in your daughter's hair.


Purple Ballerina *

$6.00 each  +S&H

This hair ribbon is for all of the aspiring dancers to show off their love of ballet.


Hot Pink Ballerina *

$6.00 each +S&H

A perfect hair ribbon for all of the dedicated ballerinas.


Pink checked Ballerina *

$6.00 each +S&H

Dance the day away with this hair ribbon.


Red Riding Hood *

$6.00 each +S&H

Grandma would love to see her granddaughter with this hair ribbon in her hair.


Flower girl *

$6.00 each +S&H

Your little girl will deliver a bouquet of smiles with this hair ribbon.


Lady Bug *

$6.00 each +S&H

Does your little girl love lady bugs? Put this hair ribbon in her hair and she'll be as cute as a bug!


Doctor *

$6.00 each +S&H

A professional hair ribbon for little girls who aspire to be doctors.


Polka Dots *

$6.00 each +S&H

Add some polka dot happiness to your daughter's day with this hair ribbon.


Dorothy *

$6.00 each +S&H

Your daughter always be off to see the Wizard with this hair ribbon.


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