Princess and other Character Ribbon Sculptures

Princess Crown

$4.00 each + S&H

Is your sweetie the Princess?

Other colors available too.


Green Fairy * ~NEW~

$6.00 each +S&H

Sprinkle some magic into your day.

Other colors available too.




Indian Princess *

$6.00 each +S&H 

Enter a whole new world with this princess hair ribbon!

Bell of the Ball *

$6.00 each +S&H

Be a beauty with this princess hair ribbon.

Blue Princess *

$6.00 each +S&H

Prepare to go to the ball with this princess hair ribbon.

The Fairest of them all *

$6.00 each +S&H

You don't have to wish anymore for something you love with this hair ribbon.

Blondie *

$6.00 each +S&H

Let down your hair with this hair ribbon.

Blondie (v. 2) *

$6.00 each +S&H

You'll be the envy of all the other girls with this beautiful hair ribbon in your long locks.

Green Princess*

$6.00 each +S&H

Show off your attitude with this hair ribbon. Available in many colors of dress and brunette/blonde hair as shown below.


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